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Taste Of Honey! (06/01/2013)

The time has come! Mikalah is gearing up to release her new single "Honey". The upcoming hit song, which release date was pushed back from May 28th, will be the newest piece of music in years from the Idol star. We have been waiting for this for years guys and it is finally coming. Check out the single cover below. Be sure to check back for the OFFICIAL release date AND a EXCLUSIVE "Mikalah's Honey Contest". 



Release: 2013 (TBA)

Last Updated: 04/29/2013

New Updates (4/29/2013)

Hey Guys! So I've been working on the website trying to get it up and running. Thanks to everyone for the support!! There is now a media page and a couple new add ons! SO go explore. You literally don't have to leave the site! We have video's, a live twitter and facebook feed and so much more coming!<3

American Idol Radio Tour!

Be sure to tune into your radio's on May 15th! Mikalah will be a guest on several radio shows across the country in support of the American Idol Season 12 finale! It will be exciting to hear our girl on the radio where she belongs. Hopefully soon it will be interviews as well as premiering her new single. But only a Meeker could dream.

Mikalah Throw's Some Love To Angie!

Mikalah, an American Idol veteran, had thrown her vote to Angie to take the crown of season 12's American Idol. "Dear if you don't win this entire competition, I will just have to stop watching lol ". I LOVE Mikalah but Angie? Really? Come on girl!! Kree, Candice or Amber...BUT ANGIE? The top 4 were all announced safe this week so they do have another chance to blow Mikalah's mind and change her opinion. Just saying.

Throwback Thursday's
Mikalah posted this video montage of her song "Kings" which she recorded for her episode of CBS' "The Unit" for a throwback thursday! I would LOVE to see her post a new video of her singing this song but this is great too!

Welcome To Mikalah Cavaricci Vintage! 
Hey guys how have you been? It's honestly been way to long! New and exciting things are happening in Mikalah's life and it's time to re-vamp. Mikalah has announced that professionally and legally Mikalah Gordon is now Mikalah Cavaricci. Apart from the name change Mikalah has spilled details on the music and album we have all been waiting for since she first arrived on the scene in 2004 on American Idol. So join Mikalah and the rest of the Meek Fans on this incredible journey.
Justin Johnston
PS: The site is still undercontruction! I will be working on it ALL weekend.
Mikalah GORDON Vintage: